Your time is valuable

You're a CEO, focus on what matters.
Let our team handle your back-office operations.

"If I didnt have support from levy, I wouldn’t be able to do anything else, other than what I’m doing now. Saves me a good 50-60% of my time"

Glenda Gataleta

Global People Ops @ Commsor

"There’s been a lot of support around payroll and HR, both in terms of setting up new employees as we rapidly scale our team, & managing compliance across states."

Alvaro Morales

Co-founder & CEO @ Orb

"It’s the best money that we spend every month. Levy is a cheat code that other startups should 100% implement. "

Abhi Vyas

Founder & CEO @ Mem Protocol

"There's a lot of tedious operational work that I either don't know about or don't want to do and that's taken off of my plate and I don't have to think about it."

Nick Mungia

Chief of Staff @ OnCyber