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is your trusted, outsourced operations team so you can move fast without breaking things.

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Stop running from your time-consuming back-office tasks.

"I started a company to do a bunch of back-office work!"

- Literally no founder, ever.

Set up health insurance

Send equity grant to advisor

Ask lawyer for itemized invoice

Pay legal invoice

Apply for business insurance

Compose investor update

Research worker's comp options

Research trademark filing needs

Figure out necessary compensation for

Add new hire to payroll

Check bank to see if investor wire was received

Respond to candidate's question on valuation

Submit delaware franchise tax form

Review February accounting books

Find lawyer for GDPR-compliant TOSPP

Research vendors for growth marketing

Find out how much costs

Remind employee to file 83(b) election

Draft benefits summary for candidate

Ask contractor for W-9 for taxes

Figure out how much the new hires affect runway

Research options for SOC-2 compliance

Find a good domain broker to acquire our .com

How do we pay a Canadian contractor?

Review bill from lawyer to see if it's correct

Review one-off revenue items to see which to count in run rate

Look up when we need our next 409a valuation

Should we consider switching off PEO?

Figure out right salary range for sales ops hire

Look into issuing stock to a strategic customer

Money saved vs. hiring an operator: 90%

Time saved and anxiety avoided: priceless

Operations are the foundation

A back-office in disarray distracts from building fantastic product & winning sales

An experienced "operations partner"

A dedicated operation partner to manage your back-office operations like a pro.

Hiring, training, and managing great operators is tough. Levy takes care of it all.

people discussing, managing operations
a man raising funds

Finance & Fundraising

Accounts receivable, accounts payable, interfacing with bookkeepers & accountants, reimbursements and even building financial plans.

Fundraising, diligence and equity is a lot to manage. Our experienced team has helped raise hundreds of millions.

Human Resources & Compliance

We manage key aspects of your HR from hiring to firing to training and IT, globally.

Complying with 50 States, the Federal Govt and Intl regulators is challenging. We track and take action on your behalf.

human resources and compliance people discussing legal things
people discussing their operations, problems, and plans

Transparent, constant communication

Entrepreneurs have a constant fear hiding in the back of their heads that they are doing something wrong.

We get it and we remove that pain (at least for your foundational operations).

Your trusted partner

Levy exists to make entrepreneurs and the company's they run more successful.
With an NPS of 70 and little churn, it's clear that every day we sweat the details so you can focus.

Hear from our customers

It's great to have levy for you to do the things you care about while they take care of the internal ops.

Sam Matthew - Head of Legal at On Deck

It’s the best money that we spend every month. Levy is a cheat code that other startups should 100% implement.

Abhi Vyas — Founder & CEO, Mem Protocol

[Our OP] is the lifeblood of our business…it would be very painful if he was not with us on a daily basis.

Ari Litan, Chief Operating Officer @ Layer Zero Labs

"[Our OP] is the lifeblood of our business…it would be very painful if he was not with us on a daily basis.”

Ari Litan, Chief Operating Officer @ Layer Zero Labs

"Since we started working [with levy], I have not thought about the back-office."

Mohamed Elgendy, CEO
@ Kolena

"If I were starting a new company, I’d tell every founder to use levy"

Tim Schwartz, CEO
@ Sherlock Retirement

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What is your time worth?

Naval Ravikant only works on items worth $2,000 an hour. Are operations your core competency? If not, levy.

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