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Shehzan Maredia - Co-founder,

Glenda Gataleta - Global People Ops Partner At Commsor

Kim Hackmann - Head of Operations, Commsor

Oliver Keh - Co-founder & CEO, Gleam Care

Jason Wong - Founder, Doe Lashes

Ben Wunderman - Co-founder & CEO, Packsmith

Dereck Paul - Founder & CEO, Glass Health

I don't have to think about tedious operational work as levy team is there to take care of.

Nick Mungia — Chief of Staff, Cyber

I really feel like levy is looking out for us and is really truly a part of our team.

Parm Gill — Co-Founder, Banting

It saved us a ton of time.

Pardhu Gunnam — Founder & CEO, Metaphor

It would be impossible, demonstrative impossible, to figure out our issues with our tax ID within minutes or seconds but we did it. Thanks levy!

Miguel Solano — Founder & CEO, VMind

[Our OP] is the lifeblood of our business…it would be very painful if he was not with us on a daily basis.

Ari Litan, Chief Operating Officer @ Layer Zero Labs