Meet Your Operations Dashboard
The World's First Command Center
for Unsexy Ops

Track all of your back-office operation tasks, in real-time. Always know the status. Finally know how much time ops takes.

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Total Transparency & Precision

Capture Every Detail, Understand Every Context with Levy's Dashboard

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Centralized Operations

Every back-office activity from hiring, firing, compliance, finance and equity, are all tracked - with context.
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Context-rich Detail

All tracking delves into the minute details, and presented with context, in order to provide immediate insights.
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Thorough Tracking

Each step, tracked and tagged combined with each Slack conversation, related email, and all relevant documents.
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High-Volume Task Handling

Levy completes, on average 200+ tasks per month, for you. Ever imagine that you (hi founders!) or your expensive internal team are doing that many operations tasks?

Smart Categorization

Do you know where you or your ops team are currently spending time? Probably not. Levy does and we constantly optimize for efficiency and delightful results.

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Superior Tracking & Transparency

Tackle large-scale projects confidently with Levy.
We ensure seamless handling of major projects, regardless of complexity. Stay updated on your operations team's work with key details readily accessible.
We believe transparency, continuous updates, combined with detailed data lead to lower stress and better outcomes.

Details Matter

Every update is tracked. Deadlines change with transparency. Delays are easy to understand. Milestones to completion are reviewed.
Levy empowers customers to stay informed on every task. Founders have anxiety. With levy, no more anxiety about your operations.

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Hear from other founders
who trust their operations to levy

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"The consistency and high level of trust we have with levy will continue to make them a partner for us in the long term."
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Kim Hackmann

COO @ Commsor

"By externalizing our operational flow, we were able to unlock greater speed and a lot more transparency when it comes to how we manage our operations."
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Ben Wunderman

Co-founder & CEO @ Packsmith

"Pretty much everyone should be using levy. There's no point in you learning how to manage it (operations) yourself. I should've started using levy 9 months ago"
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Shehzan Maredia

Co-founder @

All in One Meeting Scheduler

Schedule meetings effortlessly

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We can make story true

Strategies on low-hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity matrix economically to beta test override the digital divide with DevOps.

Do you love data?

If you enjoy peace of mind knowing that critical work is done, then get levy!