Making Compliance Easy for Businesses

Levy expertly manages your state registrations and compliance, saving time and resources for Compliance teams to focus on high-impact projects.

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Navigating Compliance with Ease

Optimize Your Time and Manage Complex Compliance Projects Effortlessly

Experience the Levy difference with your dedicated Ops Partner – your expert partner in State Registrations & Compliance.

Adopt industry-leading Compliance practices for internal operations, bolstered by Levy's extensive experience.

Always stay ahead with your compliance tasks. Your Ops Partner proactively keeps your business compliant.

Challenges for Compliance Teams

Compliance teams face challenges with changing state registration requirements, compliance law updates, and regulatory updates. These ever-changing factors make it challenging to remain compliant.

Compliance Made Effortless

Staying compliant is essential for any growing business. Failure to do so can result in large fines. Levy makes state registrations and compliance problems disappear by handling them all for you.

Ease Your Compliance Burden

Expertise in Managing Compliance and State Registrations

  • Employment Compliance

    Manage registration with state and local agencies for employment compliance. We will update state registrations if an employee shifts location.

  • DE Franchise Tax Filing

    On-time DE Franchise Tax filing, ensuring precision and timely compliance.
    Even if you forget, we won't.

  • Employee Insurance Policies

    Set up and manage Workers’ Compensation, state-mandated disability, and paid family leave insurance. We also recommend company policies and SOPs.

  • Labor Compliance Management

    We manage Labor Law Compliance, Harassment training, statutory filings anre more.

Levy's Impact on your Business

We help your startup get to the next level!

Check your Compliance Status at a glance

An all inclusive dashboard to show the status of all your completed tasks

Thorough Tracking

Every Step is tracked to ensure full context.

Immediate Insights

Context-rich insights includes all minute details.

Total Transparency

Every back-office activity is tracked with total insight.

We’ve come to a place where it’s really great to have an Operations partner that has a ton of flexibility and dynamism, everything I toss at Levy is handled without a ton of thinking on my part and that’s a really, really great gift.
Dereck Paul, CEO @ Glass Health
"A massive benefit of levy is the time saved and leverage created out of it. I think there's also a degree of peace of mind that comes with it, particularly when you're thinking through employee, compliance, registrations."
Alvaro Morales, CEO @ Orb
"Levy is really valuable. There is already enough chaos in getting the product market. If my head is somewhere else such as taxes or hiring paperwork, it could be detrimental to
the business."
Avi Press, CEO @ Scarf

Simplify and Ace Your Compliance

Expand your capacity for success with levy as we proactively keep your business compliant.