Helping CFOs Achieve Financial Excellence

Levy streamlines financial operations with its expert solutions, providing CFOs more time for impactful financial strategies & decision making.

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Financial Mastery Made Simple

Keep your focus on important financial functions

Experience the Levy difference with your dedicated Ops Partner – your expert partner in Finance and payments.

Adopt industry-leading Financial practices for internal operations, bolstered by Levy's extensive knowledge and experience.

Always stay ahead with your financial tasks and projects. Your Ops Partner proactively keeps your back-end streamlined.

Challenges for CFOs

Good CFOs focus on Financial Forecasting, Cost Optimization, Cashflows, and Strategic Planning. Don't let routine financial tasks overshadow these crucial functions.

Tackle Financial Operations with Ease

Streamline routine financial tasks. CFOs shouldn't let repeatable tasks like accounts payable (AP), reconciliations, reimbursements, and bookkeeper management stand in the way of their principal objectives.

Supplementing CFOs' Financial Capabilities

Enhance your Financial Operations and Accelerate Strategic Planning

  • Bank Account Management

    Effortlessly move money, establish transfer and approval rules, and more, for optimum financial control.

  • Accounts Payable

    Efficiently manage and pay invoices from vendors and contractors, eliminating the hassle and ensuring timely payments.

  • Process Reimbursements

    Swiftly process employee or vendor reimbursements through payroll or a corporate card for a seamless financial workflow.

  • Monitor Sales Tax

    Stay updated with sales tax triggers across states and maintain compliance effortlessly, reducing the risk of penalties and interest.

Levy's Impact on your Business

We help your startup get to the next level!

Check your financial operations at a glance

An all inclusive dashboard to show the status of all your completed tasks

Thorough Tracking

Every Step is tracked to ensure full context.

Immediate Insights

Context-rich insights includes all minute details.

Total Transparency

Every back-office activity is tracked with total insight.

“The top thing for us is taking care of invoices and payments, our business is pretty complex given our size levy just takes care of it all. ”
Ari Litan, COO @ LayerZero Labs
“Levy saves me 8 to 10 hours a week of grinding work that I would do, but if I made mistakes, the time and financial cost to fix those was an even bigger impact.”
Chelsie Hall, CEO @ ViralMoment
“There’s no better way to pay invoices, manage different vendors, tools, and suite than with Levy.”
David Connors, CEO @ The Swarm

Streamline your financial operations

Expand your capacity for success with levy as we streamline your Financial operations.