Manage Your Operations with Confidence

Achieve beyond what a Chief of Staff can typically deliver, augmented by specialists in HR, Compliance, Finance, and Equity for seamless operations.

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You + Levy = Your best chance of success!

Optimize your internal operations, and focus on building a successful business.

Experience the Levy difference with your dedicated Ops Partner – a Chief of Staff fortified by multidisciplinary expertise.

Adopt industry-leading practices for startup operations, bolstered by Levy's extensive knowledge, experience and insights.

Always stay ahead with your Ops Partner as they proactively oversee your operations, even during vacations.

Challenges for Chief of Staff

Even a highly skilled Chief of Staff can't be omnipresent. Hence, some internal operations will slip, impacting business efficiency.

Achieve Operational Efficiency

Levy is powerhouse of expertise spanning HR to Equity backed by 50+ years of experience. With best practices, meticulous checklists, and unmatched SOPs, your internal operations remain streamlined, compliant, and efficient.

Get Your Time and Focus Back with Levy

Skilled Expertise for Comprehensive Back-End Management

  • Managed Payments on all platforms

    Effortlessly handle transactions across various platforms, ensuring timely and accurate execution of payments.

  • Internal Strategy Support

    Elevate your company's internal strategy by leveraging Levy's deep expertise and experience to drive optimum decision-making.

  • Proactive Insurance Negotiations

    Navigate insurance complexities with ease. Count on Levy for proactive negotiation strategies to secure beneficial terms.

  • Seamless Vendor Management

    Streamline vendor interactions and foster thriving relationships. Levy's meticulous attention to detail ensures harmonious vendor management.

Levy's Impact on your Business

We help your startup get to the next level!

Check your back-office health at a glance

An all inclusive dashboard to show the status of all your completed ops tasks

Thorough Tracking

Every Step is tracked to ensure full context.

Immediate Insights

Context-rich insights includes all minute details.

Total Transparency

Every back-office activity is tracked with total insight.

“Levy is the glue, for everything from hiring to compliance, to payroll - just because you have the systems, doesn’t mean you should be spending your time doing it. I almost wish we’d set it up sooner!”
Philip Lakin, CEO @ Switchboard
“There is a lot of tedious operational work that I either don't know about or don't want to do. And for me levy takes it off of my plate and you don’t have to think about it.”
Nick Mungia, Chief of Staff @ OnCyber
“Levy is like our back office support for starting a company, it makes it a lot easier for me to go and focus on what my job is.”
Gagan Biyani, CEO @ Maven

Boost your Business Efficiency with Levy

Expand your capacity for success with levy as we streamline operations and supercharge your strategic endeavors.