Announcing levy

March 13, 2024

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Solving the Back-Office Problem

Two and a half years ago, Hari Raghavan and I (plus a few other hearty souls) joined forces to solve a BIG problem: remove the dead-weight drag and pain of back-office operations.

No founder - except the AbstractOps founding team - says, “I’m so glad I started my new company and now I get to spend 10-20% of my time doing back-office HR, finance, and compliance work.” You start a business because you are passionate about solving a specific problem, but you have a business entity to keep alive… no founder or owner accounts for the time suck involved with running the business. 

There are three pillars to any successful company: building (product), selling, and operations. Any one of those breaks, so will your business. 

The best founders focus on the first two. The problem is that a large majority of founders - especially underrepresented groups - are not capitalized or connected enough to solve the back-office problem the way the richest startups do: hire a team of pros  who are so good that you don’t even need to spend time managing them (note: this usually also includes hiring a recruiter to even find this person). 

Introducing Levy

We started AbstractOps to make sure every founder has a level playing field.

The only problem: AbstractOps had a split focus. 1. Fantastic professional services that clients love, to address things that require sound human judgment, 2. Software to productize tasks that can be handled by a computer. A split focus is rarely (ever?) a path to sustained, long-term success for a company or its customers.

Therefore, to achieve our mission of making entrepreneurship access to anyone, we made the decision to split up the business.

Today, I am excited to announce the founding of Levy. levy shares the same mission as AbstractOps. Our founding team is full of the expert operations talent that made AbstractOps services so loved (70+ NPS scores quarter after quarter).

levy’s existence is predicated on providing world-class back-office services to startups so that founding teams can focus on building world-changing businesses. In some ways, we view our product as GaDaaS: give a damn as a service.

Levy: Your Partner in Building a Fantastic Company

We sweat the details so you don’t have to.

We stress so that you can remain calm and focused. We are your partners in building your business. Our team has said (with pride) that our clients don’t outsource operations; they outsource stress to us. We take on that weight and duty with pride, because we know we’re freeing you up to build a fantastic company so you can put a dent in the universe.

As one of our clients, Tim Schwartz, CEO of Sherlock Retirement, said, “Every founder [should] use levy.”

If you want to save 500+ hours a year, reduce your back-office worries by 90%, and simply be the CEO your investors hoped you’d be, reach out to us:

We’re here to help,

Adam & The Entire levy Team

Sep 13, 2022

We can help

At Levy, we help early-stage founders streamline and automate regulatory and legal ops, HR, and finance so you can focus on what matters most — your business.

We can provide sufficient information to guide you in starting a limited liability company in Arizona. In this way, you can avoid some common mistakes and errors that people usually face in the process.

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