Building Team Bonds Remotely: Lessons from Levy's Successful Event with Schmackary's Bakery

March 13, 2024

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Levy launched the first remote team bonding event. The team invited the founder of Schmackary's Bakery to share his entrepreneurial journey. Team members enjoyed cookies from his bakery. We shared our success and tips on how to plan and organize a similar event, the benefits of team events, and how levy included its international team members. It concludes by encouraging startups to invest in their team and offering a discount for assistance with organizing a remote team event.

Why We Want to Do Team-Wide Remote Events?

At Levy, we believe that building a strong and successful startup requires strong team bonding. Strong team bonds lead to improved communication, increased productivity, and a happier workplace. As we move towards remote work, we realize that team bonding events are becoming increasingly important for maintaining and improving team morale.

We were able to bring our team together, enjoy some cookies, and learn from a successful entrepreneur at the event. A strong team bond is essential for surviving the ups and downs of startup life. These bonds help us stay positive, keep moving forward, and work together to achieve our goals. 

 Schmackary's Bakery's cookies at levy's remote team bonding event

How We Set Up and Organized Our First Remote Team Bonding Event?

Organizing a remote team bonding activity can be challenging, but we discovered that it is certainly doable with the right planning and tools. We began by selecting a guest speaker who could both inspire and educate our team. Zachary Schmahl, the founder of Schmackary's Bakery, agreed to speak with us about his entrepreneurial journey.

We chose Schmackary's Bakery because we thought it would be a fun experience for our team to taste their cookies while learning about the founder's journey. We wanted to give our team a fun and engaging experience, and who doesn't like cookies?

We needed to figure out the event logistics, such as the date and time, as well as how we were going to distribute the cookies, once we had our guest speaker. We hosted the event using a video conferencing platform and distributed a survey to collect everyone's shipping information.

The cookies were delivered directly to our team members' homes, and we made sure to provide ample notice for shipping times. We also included a personalized note in each package, making the experience more enjoyable and personal.

Tips for Your Own Remote Team Event

There are a few things to consider if you want to organize your own remote team event. First, select a guest speaker who will both inspire and educate your team. Second, host the event using a reputable video conferencing platform. Third, send out a survey to collect everyone's shipping information, and make sure to give plenty of lead time for shipping.

Consider what would be most beneficial to your team when selecting a guest speaker. Do you want to learn about startup operations, leadership, or how to overcome startup obstacles? The key is to select a speaker who can provide insights and inspiration to your virtual team building activities.

When it comes to video conferencing platforms, there are numerous options. It is critical to select a dependable platform that will work well for your team. Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams are some popular options.

Founder of Schmackary's Bakery sharing his entrepreneurial journey with levy's remote team

How Much Did This Cost?

We understand the value of budgeting as a startup. As a result, we made certain that the event's costs were reasonable. The cost per person was approximately $25, which included the cookies as well as shipping.

We believe that investing in team bonding events is an investment in our company's success. These events can contribute to a more positive and productive work environment, which leads to better business outcomes.

How Another Startup Can Do the Same Thing

If you're a startup founder looking to organize a remote team event similar to ours, we'd love to assist you. Simply email us at and mention that you read about Schmackary's Bakery in our blog post. We'll get you a discount and get you started on planning your own event.

Why Other Startups Should Consider Team Events

Team bonding events are an excellent way to unite your team, boost morale, and foster a positive work environment. They can help improve collaboration, boost creativity, and increase employee retention.

When you invest in your team, you are investing in your company's success. Strong team bonds lead to improved communication, increased productivity, and a happier workplace. You can strengthen these bonds even if your team members work from different locations by organizing a remote team event.

What We Did for Teammates Outside the US

While Schmackary's Bakery is headquartered in the United States, we have team members all over the world. We didn't want anyone to feel excluded, so we made sure to provide an alternative option for those who were unable to receive cookies from Schmackary's Bakery.

We ordered cookies for our international team members from a local bakery in their area. This allowed everyone to take part in the event and enjoy tasty treats.

Key Takeaways

Our first remote team event with Schmackary's Bakery was a huge success, and we were excited to share our experience with you. By organizing team building activities, you can strengthen team bonds, and create a positive work environment. We hope that our experience inspires you to host your own remote team event and invest in the success of your company.

If you want to host a remote team event like ours, please contact us at for a discount and tips on how to get started. We're here to help you build a more powerful and successful team.

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