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Since we started working [with levy], I have not thought about the back-office.

Mohamed Elgendy, CEO @ Kolena

If I were starting a new company, I’d tell every founder to use levy

Tim Schwartz, CEO @ Sherlock Retirement

It's great to have levy for you to do the things you care about while they take care of the internal ops.

Sam Matthew - Head of Legal at On Deck

Being a one-stop shop is a really valuable thing.

Gagan Biyani — Co-Founder & CEO, Maven

Levy covers everything and it's been amazing.

Tim Enger — Head of Operations, Bounce

It's really like having a part-time COO to help with things.

Ryan Delk — Co-Founder & CEO, Primer

Getting a lot of work off of your plate as a Founder I think both from the time perspective as well as just the peace of mind perspective has been very well worth the cost for me.

Avi Press — Founder & CEO, Scarf

It probably saves me dozens of hours a month and it saves me even more of the sort of mental load.

Cody Candee — Co-Founder & CEO, Bounce

It's the closest thing to actually helping us take a life and helping to scale business in a quick way.

Danny Soos — Co-Founder, Form Kitchens

It is probably the single biggest painkiller in terms of the products and services that I use.

Ben Springwater, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Matter

You won’t be able to find anyone out there that can provide the same level of professionalism.

David Connors, Co-Founder & CEO, The Swarm

Levy frees me up to focus on the longer functions of the company.

Justin Fiaschetti, CEO & Co-Founder, Inversion Space