Abhi Vyas — Founder & CEO, Mem Protocol

Mem Protocol: Co-Founder Abby Vice Unlocks Operational Efficiency with Levy

Abby Vice, one of the co-founders of Mem Protocol, a Web3 Quora where anyone can earn, learn, and meet like-minded peers, provides a compelling account of how Levy streamlines their operations, freeing up significant amounts of time, and helping them avoid common pitfalls.

The Value of Time: Levy's Impact

Abby estimates that if she were handling the tasks Levy currently does, she would be spending roughly 40 hours a week. This estimate is conservative, not even accounting for future time savings from having a comprehensive data room and everything logged in one place. Without Levy, critical files would exist on her personal computer, and every time they would need to fundraise or do similar activities, she would spend days sorting and organizing these files. Now, with Levy, all that data exists in the product itself, which saves Abby hundreds of hours in the future.

Unburdening Founders: Levy's Role

For Abby and her co-founder, Levy represents the best money they spend each month because it lifts the burden of operational complexity that founders shouldn't have to deal with. She points out that there should be playbooks that founders can implement, but first-time founders are disadvantaged as they don't know what these playbooks are. Levy fills this knowledge gap, allowing founders to focus on other complex issues like fundraising, product building, and hiring, without having to worry about operational matters.

Levy: The Startup Cheat Code

Abby recommends Levy enthusiastically, referring to it as a "cheat code" that other startups should definitely implement. Without it, she warns, startups would be at a severe disadvantage in terms of operational speed. Thanks to Levy, Mem Protocol has been able to move quickly, setting up their payroll system and ensuring everyone gets paid on time within just two months of existence. This is something Abby has seen other startups struggle with, leading to employee dissatisfaction.

In summary, Abby Vice's experience with Mem Protocol showcases how Levy serves as an indispensable partner for startup founders, liberating them from time-consuming operational tasks and helping them implement best practices. As Abby suggests, any startup not currently using Levy is missing out on a significant advantage in terms of operational speed and efficiency.