Ari Litan, Chief Operating Officer @ Layer Zero Labs

Bolstering Blockchain Innovation: Ari Litan, CEO of Layer Zero Labs, Testifies to Levy's Impact

Running a startup demands a delicate balance between core business growth and managing the inevitable slew of back-office operations. When the business in question is a complex omnichain blockchain protocol like Layer Zero Labs, this balancing act takes on a new level of intricacy. Ari Litan, CEO at Layer Zero Labs, shares his experience working with Levy, underscoring our crucial role in facilitating seamless back-office operations for his innovative startup.

The Levy Impact: Elevating Layer Zero's Operations

Ari, who has been working closely with Levy for over a year, regards us as the lifeblood of Layer Zero's back-office. From tackling invoices and payments to advising on operational matters, we've seamlessly integrated into their daily operations, acting as a trustworthy and reliable extension of their team. The expertise of our team, especially Garrett, who Ari fondly mentions, has proven to be invaluable in handling the complexities of their on-chain blockchain payments.

Efficiency in Communication

One of the key highlights of our collaboration has been our efficient communication style. Our proactive approach in identifying areas where we can add value, coupled with our knack for asking precise and concise questions, ensures that Ari spends minimum time instructing and maximum time focusing on the business's core aspects.

The Levy Difference: A Reliable Back-Office Partner

If Levy weren't there, Ari admits, the company would probably have to hire someone internally to fill the gap, a step fraught with complications and high costs. Besides, with Levy on board, Layer Zero's internal employees can focus on higher leverage tasks that drive growth and innovation, rather than get entangled in repetitive back-office work. This unique benefit underlines Levy's importance as an irreplaceable asset in the company's operations.

The Power of Delegation: High Leverage Outcomes

Ari strongly recommends Levy's services for any company, regardless of size, highlighting the immense value addition we bring to the table. The time-consuming nature of setting up essential operations, like payroll, filling out compliance or bank forms, can distract from the primary focus: building the product and growing the business.

By delegating these tasks to Levy, startups like Layer Zero can spend their valuable time on high-leverage activities like building the company, strategizing product development, and engaging in business development.

Levy's work with Layer Zero Labs is another example of our commitment to enabling startups to concentrate on what truly matters: business growth and product innovation. As we continue on our mission, we look forward to empowering more startups to leverage our services and achieve their full potential.