Avi Press — Founder & CEO, Scarf

Scarf: CEO Avi Press Relieves Time-Consuming Business Operations with Levy

Avi Press, the founder and CEO of Scarf, knows that building a platform for the distribution, analytics, and commercialization of Open Source software is a complex task. Adding the stress of running the administrative aspects of the business can detract from focusing on what truly matters. In his testimonial, Avi reveals how Levy has streamlined operations at Scarf, freeing his attention for the core product.

Focusing on What Matters

Avi regards Levy as a game-changer that handles the "rote, boring, and tedious" parts of business operations, allowing him to concentrate on solving the main problem. By eliminating the distraction of back-office tasks, Avi can maintain focus on driving the business forward, which he identifies as incredibly valuable.

Navigating Chaos

In the race to find a product-market fit and build a sustainable business, Levy has helped keep Scarf on track by ensuring smooth operations. As Avi puts it, having your attention diverted to tasks like taxes or hiring paperwork can be detrimental to the business, further underlining the importance of a reliable partner like Levy.

An All-In-One Solution

Before Levy, Avi faced the challenge of juggling multiple vendors for different aspects of his business or hiring a part-time operations person and hoping they had the necessary expertise. With Levy, he's found a comprehensive solution that manages all these aspects professionally and efficiently.

Time Savings

Avi estimates that Levy has saved him several hours a week – time that he can now invest in his product. Moreover, he believes the time savings compound as operations are executed correctly, saving even more effort down the line.

Peace of Mind

Levy has not only saved time but also reduced stress for Avi. By taking on the bulk of administrative duties, Levy has afforded Avi the peace of mind to prioritize his time and resources effectively, allowing him to focus on leading Scarf toward its strategic goals.

As Avi says, getting the boring, rote stuff off your plate is a significant win for any founder. As Levy continues to partner with Scarf, we reaffirm our commitment to help innovators focus on what truly matters in their journey.