Ben Springwater, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Matter

Matter: Co-Founder & CEO Ben Springwater on the Benefits of Leveraging Levy for Operations

Ben Springwater, Co-Founder and CEO of Matter, a technology company focused on simplifying reading experiences, discusses how Levy has played a critical role in managing operational tasks. He praises the service for its efficiency, breadth of expertise, and peace of mind it provides, allowing him to focus on the company's core mission.

A Time-Saving Solution: Offloading the Admin Work

At Matter, a company striving to streamline the reading process for users, Springwater has his hands full trying to deliver the product to market. Balancing product development with admin tasks like legal contracts, state registrations for remote employees, and contract work was demanding. Levy stepped in to shoulder these responsibilities, freeing up Springwater's time and providing much-needed peace of mind.

The Unique Breadth: A Comprehensive Approach to Operations

Springwater acknowledges the existence of other applications, such as Clerky for legal contracts and Gusto for payroll. However, he points out that these solutions only address specific operational needs and lack the comprehensive coverage that Levy provides. The 'everything else bucket' – the range of questions and issues outside the scope of these applications – is where Levy shines.

The Time Investment: Regaining Valuable Hours

By Springwater's estimate, operational tasks consumed at least half a day per week and sometimes as much as one or two days. Levy's service significantly reduces this time commitment, allowing him to focus on product development and other core business activities.

The Peace of Mind: Providing a Reliable Safety Net

Springwater emphasizes that without Levy, he would have to devote much more thought and effort to non-core business aspects. The service allows him to 'abstract away' various concerns and uncertainties, granting him peace of mind.

The Unique Value Proposition: An Unparalleled Painkiller

In his view, Levy is unique in the market. There's no product or substitute that offers the same scope of services. Levy stands out as a major 'painkiller' among the products and services he uses, addressing a wide range of operational pain points.

In summary, Ben Springwater's testimonial presents Levy as an essential asset for Matter. By taking care of various operational issues, Levy allows the CEO to concentrate on what matters most – building and delivering their innovative reading technology to users.