Ben Wunderman - Co-founder & CEO, Packsmith

Streamlining Operations for E-commerce Startups: A Testimonial

Ben Wonderman, the CEO and co-founder of Packsmith, an intelligent logistics platform for growing e-commerce merchants, understands the significance of efficient operations in the success of a business. He openly shared his experience about how a service named Levy helped his company accelerate their operational flow, thereby enabling them to concentrate on their core objectives.

Offloading Operational Burdens

For a growing business like Packsmith, the primary challenge lies in managing a multitude of operational tasks, which can be overwhelming. Levy, according to Ben, has brilliantly taken over these burdens, helping them optimize speed, cost, and efficiency across their operations.

The service's primary value addition is in managing documents across the company, keeping their team operationally focused on core objectives, and eliminating stress around potential operational shortcomings. It's not just about time savings; it's about increasing the overall pace at which the company can operate.

Choosing Levy Over In-house Resources and Freelancers

For Packsmith, the choice between managing freelancers, internal employees, or using an external service like Levy was a meticulous calculation. Ultimately, they found the best balance with Levy. By externalizing a part of their operational flow, Packsmith was able to unlock greater speed and transparency in managing operations.

The Value of Agile Operations

Ben also underscored the need for agility in operations, especially for startups. Businesses constantly evolve, requiring the operations to adapt accordingly. Here, Levy stood out with its ability to respond appropriately and effectuate changes in a timely manner.

For businesses, it's not just about cost savings or operational efficiency. It's about having the best processes that align with the changing business needs.

Levy: A Solution That Did Not Exist Before

Reflecting on the widespread need for such services across the startup ecosystem, Ben expressed his surprise about how a solution like Levy did not exist before. For him, Levy delivers immense value by guiding them across the operational landscape and saving them from potential in-house costs or the need for alternative solutions.

Outsourcing Operations to Levy

According to Ben, any founder who wants to build something substantial should consider outsourcing their operations to Levy. By doing so, founders can keep their focus on building the next best product or service without worrying about running the core operations of their business.

Why Startups Should Consider Levy

Ben believes that startups striving to build a world-class team, product, and attract world-class customers and investors should collaborate with Levy. The more complex, remote, and flexible a business is, the more suitable Levy becomes. In a world that is increasingly becoming remote and decentralized, Levy stands as the best solution to meet those challenges.


The core of building a successful business lies in crafting successful operations. Handing over your operational tasks to Levy can help ensure a scalable solution is in place for your company, allowing you to take your business to the next level. So, if you're a startup founder, consider how you're going to manage operations - Levy could be your optimal solution from day one.