Cody Candee — Co-Founder & CEO, Bounce

Empowering Growth: Cody Candy, CEO of Bounce, Shares His Levy Experience

Building and scaling a startup often entails wearing multiple hats and tackling numerous operational tasks that may detract from your core focus. This is where Levy steps in, offering a streamlined solution for handling back-office operations, enabling startup leaders to focus on what matters most - growing their business. Cody Candy, Founder and CEO of Bounce, shares his transformative experience with Levy.

The Levy Advantage: Streamlining Bounce's Operations

Cody, leading a lean team at Bounce - a network of over 6,000 retail locations powering new business streams for small businesses, found himself in the common startup scenario where any task that didn't fit a specific role fell to him. From bill payments to issuing commissions to salespeople, these tasks, while essential, weren't the best use of a CEO's time.

When Cody first learned about Levy, he started by identifying tasks that could be outsourced. The list soon added up to almost a hundred items, each seemingly small but collectively adding up to a significant time commitment. With Levy, Cody could effectively delegate these tasks, freeing him up to concentrate on strategic decisions and business growth.

Tangible Impact: Saving Time and Reducing Mental Load

While it's challenging to precisely quantify the time saved through outsourcing to Levy, Cody estimated that he saved dozens of hours each month. However, the benefits extended beyond time savings. It also significantly reduced the mental load associated with constantly switching between tasks, a hidden but draining aspect of managing back-office operations.

In a rapidly growing company like Bounce, operational work is a moving target, with processes continuously evolving and new people coming onboard. Levy's flexible and adaptive services helped keep pace with these changes, ensuring a smooth operational flow even in the face of dynamic business demands.

The Power of Delegation

Had it not been for Levy, Cody would have been mired in a multitude of tasks or constantly hiring and training new people to manage different work streams. Either way, it would have demanded a significant portion of his time.

Reflecting on his experience, Cody admitted that he might have waited too long to delegate, adopting a "I'll figure it out myself" mindset. However, once he started working with Levy, he quickly realized the transformative power of effective delegation. It was a game-changer, and his only regret was not having done it sooner.

Levy's work with Bounce is a testament to our commitment to helping startups manage their back-office operations more efficiently. We free leaders to concentrate on business growth and strategic decisions. As we continue our journey, we look forward to empowering more startups like Bounce to reach their full potential.