Danny Soos — Co-Founder, Form Kitchens

Designing a Smooth Back-Office Operation: Danny, CEO of Kitchens, Highlights Levy's Impact

It's always a rewarding journey when you help a startup that's not only tech-oriented but also manages physical logistics. Kitchens, a company that designs supplies for kitchens online, offers a unique blend of software solutions and physical product shipping. The CEO, Paul, shares his experiences and how Levy has helped streamline their operations.

Breaking Down Barriers

As an international entrepreneur, Paul highlights the challenges he faced doing business in the United States, particularly the costs associated with compliance. For a company like Kitchens, which is more than just software, these hurdles could significantly slow down growth. However, with Levy's assistance, these obstacles were overcome, and the company could focus on scaling their operations quickly and efficiently.

Alternatives and their Pitfalls

Before partnering with Levy, Kitchens worked with a combination of accountants, lawyers, and various services to navigate the operational challenges. This approach, while somewhat functional when the team was small, quickly became a major stressor as the company expanded. Sometimes, Paul found himself months late on taxes and struggling to figure out what needed to be done. Levy stepped in to provide the guidance and expertise required to navigate these complexities.

The Value of Focus

Paul's measure of the value Levy provides isn't necessarily in saved hours; instead, it lies in the capacity to focus more on the business's complexity. With Levy handling the operational intricacies, Paul found he could concentrate more on the core of the business, an invaluable advantage that cannot merely be quantified in hours.

The Cost of Doing It Yourself

If Levy didn't exist, Paul speculates that one of their bright staff members would need to devote significantly more time to compliance rather than product development. The opportunity cost of such a shift would be substantial, making Levy's cost-effective services a much more appealing option.

The Peace of Mind

Levy's services provide a clean, scalable set of operations, offering peace of mind to startups like Kitchens. Knowing that we are equipped with the know-how to scale companies and systems, Paul appreciates the value that our extendable system brings to his business. This was a value-add that Paul hadn't initially realized but has come to appreciate greatly.

When starting out, startups need to focus on getting product fit and not get bogged down in operational issues, advises Paul. And that's exactly what Levy does – taking the operational burden off startups' shoulders so they can focus on what matters most. As we continue to partner with innovative startups like Kitchens, we reaffirm our commitment to facilitating their operational efficiency while they concentrate on scaling their businesses.