David Connors, Co-Founder & CEO, The Swarm

The Swarm: CEO David Connors Finds Operational Efficiency with Levy

David Connors, the founder and CEO of The Swarm, a talent operating system for early-stage startups, offers an overview of how Levy has impacted his company. He explains how Levy has streamlined operations, freed up personal time, and helped set a solid foundation for scaling.

Previous Pain Points: The Case for Levy

Drawing from his first startup experience, Connors recalls spending more than half of his time on operations and administrative tasks, which was particularly challenging as he had little prior knowledge in these areas. During his second entrepreneurial journey with The Swarm, he wanted a partner to handle these tasks, hence he turned to Levy.

The Choice: Levy vs. Other Options

Connors considered alternatives such as hiring internally, doing everything himself, or relying on project management tools like Trello or Asana. However, these options still required significant time commitment, around 10 to 20 hours a week. Tasks included paying contractors, onboarding, setting up new employees and contractors, storing documents, and staying compliant. He praises Levy for understanding and executing all these underlying tasks effectively.

Ongoing Needs: The Value Proposition of Levy

Startups continuously have invoices to pay, tools to manage, and documents to store, especially when fundraising every nine to 18 months. Connors emphasizes the importance of having all documents easily stored and accessible, and affirms that Levy is the best solution for this. He notes that the level of professionalism Levy provides at its price point is unmatched, saving him significant time and effort.

The Recommendation: Levy for Early Stage Startups

Connors recommends using Levy as early as possible, preferably during the co-founders phase, to establish a solid foundation across HR, legal, and finance. From his experience at Sequoia, he's observed that early-stage companies that have a strong operational foundation tend to scale and thrive more effectively. He believes founders should focus on building the best team and product, and growing their market share, rather than getting bogged down with operational tasks.

In conclusion, David Connors' testimonial underscores the value Levy brings to The Swarm and other startups alike. By handling operational tasks more efficiently and freeing up valuable time for strategic focus, Levy serves as an invaluable partner in a startup's growth journey.