Dereck Paul - Founder & CEO, Glass Health

How Partnering with a Operations Specialist Skyrocketed Our Productivity

In the healthcare sector, innovation is paramount. At Glass Health, our mission is to empower doctors with tools for AI-assisted diagnosis and clinical plan generation. The road to achieving this goal, however, is often cluttered with operational hurdles. Recently, our co-founder and CEO, Derek Paul, shared his experience on how partnering with an operations specialist transformed Glass Health. This is the story of how we regained our focus and supercharged our productivity.

The Burden of Operations:

As an early-stage founder, Derek was initially spending a significant portion of his day on what he called “Ops homework.” This meant dedicating precious time and energy to learn and handle operational tasks, something which he found extremely challenging. For any startup, time is a valuable asset, and operational tasks were taking a toll on Derek's focus and Glass Health’s progress.

Finding the Right Operations Partner:

Realizing that managing operations in-house was unsustainable, Glass Health decided to partner with an operations specialist named Peter. Peter swiftly took over the reins and significantly reduced the load on Derek's plate. With his expertise, Peter was able to efficiently handle or advise on operational tasks that Derek used to struggle with. This collaboration saved Glass Health, on average, over 10 hours per week, which could then be dedicated to product development and other core activities.

Keeping the Burn Rate Low:

For early-stage companies, it’s crucial to keep the burn rate low. Sometimes, founders take this to mean handling everything themselves. However, Derek quickly realized that this approach was not sustainable. As Glass Health was part of Y Combinator, there was a time-sensitive need to meet certain milestones. Having an operations partner allowed Glass Health to focus on what mattered most: building their product.

Streamlining the Operations:

Partnering with an operations specialist not only alleviated the daily load but also allowed Glass Health to function like a well-oiled machine. The operations side of things was taken care of, and the team didn't have to make weekly decisions on whether or not to spend time on operational issues. This was particularly helpful as Glass Health scaled, and the volume and complexity of operations increased.

Onboarding Clinical Talent:

One of the unexpected benefits of having an operations partner was how smoothly Glass Health was able to onboard clinical talent. Glass Health depends on clinical talent and hires doctors to spend hours every week working on content. With nearly 40 clinical contractors onboard, the operations specialist made sure that this onboarding process was seamless and efficient.


For Glass Health, partnering with an operations specialist was a game-changer. It allowed the team to focus on their core mission and significantly improved productivity. This testimonial from our Co-founder and CEO, Derek Paul, underlines the transformative power of having an operations specialist on your side. For early-stage companies and startups, this could very well be the catalyst needed to take your business to the next level.