Gagan Biyani — Co-Founder & CEO, Maven

Maven: Co-founder and CEO Gaggan Biani on Levy as the Ultimate Operational Partner

Gaggan Biani, Co-founder, and CEO at Maven, a platform for cohort-based courses, provides a candid and compelling testimonial on how Levy serves as the back-office support for his startup. He emphasizes Levy's proactive problem-solving approach, its full-service offering, and the value of trusting in Levy's confidentiality to free up valuable time and focus.

Essential Back-Office Support: Outsourcing the Operations Pain

Biani notes that starting a company brings many challenges, one of the most prominent being operations. He highlights that managing payrolls, equity distribution, and legal matters are all pain points that Levy assists with, serving as Maven's operational backbone.

Comprehensive Full-Service: One-Stop Shop for Solutions

Prior to working with Levy, Biani considered three different options: working with consultants specializing in HR and operations, managing operations in-house, and finally opting for Levy. He praises Levy for their comprehensive service, proactively addressing problems rather than leaving them in his hands. This approach contrasts with the narrow expertise of consultants who often redirect issues outside their remit, leading to a chaotic and time-consuming web of contacts. With Levy, Biani has found a reliable one-stop shop that assumes full ownership of responsibilities.

Entrusting Control: A Calculated Trade-Off for Growth

Confidentiality is crucial to every company. Biani mentions an instance where he hired someone from another company while working with Levy, and the information remained confidential. This experience gave him the confidence that Levy handles sensitive information professionally. He argues that if you're constantly striving to keep control and handle everything yourself, you're bound to end up overwhelmed and unable to serve your company and its investors effectively. By delegating control to a trusted partner like Levy, Biani can dedicate more time and effort to what truly matters—building the best company and product possible.

In summary, Biani's testimonial underscores Levy's role as a comprehensive, reliable, and proactive partner that takes care of essential operational tasks. This partnership allows Biani to focus on growing Maven while trusting that Levy will handle the rest, preserving both his time and peace of mind.