Glenda Gataleta - Global People Ops Partner At Commsor

Transforming People Operations at Commsor: A Case Study on the Impact of Partnering with Levy

In today's complex human resources environment, companies like Commsor are grappling with challenges ranging from employee engagement and retention to intricate payroll management. This case study takes a closer look at how Commsor streamlined its people operations through a strategic partnership with Levy.

Scope of People Operations at Commsor:

At Commsor, the people operations function is comprehensive, dealing with a broad spectrum of responsibilities such as employee engagement, retention, onboarding, and offboarding. Managing these facets effectively demands a keen attention to detail, efficient time management, and specialized expertise.

The Challenges Faced by Commsor:

Initially, Commsor faced an array of challenges, having recently switched HR, payroll, and Employer of Record (EOR) partners. These changes created a chain reaction of administrative tasks, leaving the team struggling to keep up and in need of external assistance.

The Levy Solution:

Enter Levy. Offering a robust solution, Levy allowed Commsor to get back on track by taking care of immediate necessities like timely payroll. Throughout these transitional times, Kim from Levy remained a pillar of support, guiding Commsor through each complex phase.

Time Savings Lead to New Opportunities:

One striking advantage of working with Levy has been the considerable amount of time saved. Commsor estimates that around 50-60% of their operational time has been freed up, allowing them to concentrate on other vital areas. Without Levy's support, Commsor would have needed to significantly increase their administrative headcount.

The Importance of Reliable Vendor Relationships:

Commsor emphasizes that when a company is in a growth phase and working to establish its employer branding, having a reliable vendor like Levy is crucial. Positive branding efforts can disintegrate quickly if foundational elements like timely payments and proper benefits management are not in place. Levy has proven to be a "lifesaver" in safeguarding these critical operational aspects.


For Commsor, the partnership with Levy transcends mere outsourcing; it signifies having a strategic ally capable of navigating the complicated landscape of people operations. With plans to extend this partnership, Commsor testifies to the transformative impact that Levy has had on their day-to-day processes.