Jason Wong - Founder, Doe Lashes

Streamlining Back Office Operations: A Testimonial from Doe Lashes

Jason Wong, the founder of Doe Lashes, a lifestyle beauty brand focusing on creating comfortable eye products, shared his experience about how they managed to streamline their back-office tasks and operations.

The Need for Assistance

When a friend asked Jason how he was handling the company's paperwork and other back-office operations, he realized that he was overwhelmed. Until that point, they had been managing everything in-house, including filing paperwork and consulting attorneys. It was survival for both him and his business, but it was becoming unsustainable.

Importance of Trust and Organization

Handing over sensitive information to a third party is not a decision taken lightly. The key elements Jason sought were trust and organization. He found solace in knowing that they were entrusting their information to a reliable partner that employed a proprietary platform, which offered a central location to track progress and operations.

Significant Time Savings

Jason estimated that they were saving two to three hours per day by outsourcing their back-office tasks. This is equivalent to a part-time employee, leading Jason to believe they were receiving excellent value for their money. But it wasn't just about time savings. The mental energy conserved, allowing them to focus on core activities, was a priceless advantage.

Resource Reallocation and Focus on Strengths

Had they not outsourced, Jason, their General Manager, and their CFO would have had to reallocate their time to these tasks. By outsourcing, they eliminated potential miscommunication and freed up time to focus on their respective specialties.

Founders and Operations: A Mismatch

Jason pointed out a commonality among many startup founders: they excel in areas such as development, marketing, or product design, but few are adept at operations. Founders enter startups to focus on what they love. So, the key pitch that won Jason over was simple: "We handle the tasks you don't want to do, so you can focus on what you love."

Consistent Backend Operations

Regardless of what a business sells, backend operations remain relatively consistent, from reporting to federal and state governments to addressing employee concerns. Although Doe Lashes has its own trademark attorney, outsourcing back-office tasks related to trademarking was a significant relief.


Handing over back-office operations to a trustworthy and organized service can free up a significant amount of time and mental energy. It enables startup founders to focus on their areas of expertise, thereby allowing the business to grow more efficiently. The experience of Doe Lashes offers valuable insights into how businesses can successfully delegate tasks they don't want to handle, helping them to focus more on their core operations.