Kim Hackmann - Head of Operations, Commsor

How AVI and Levy Revolutionized Commsor's Back Office Operations: A Testimonial

The modern business landscape is constantly evolving, bringing with it unique challenges and needs. I serve as the Head of Operations at Commsor, and our journey has been no exception. In this piece, I share our experience with Levy and how they transformed our back office operations into a seamless process.

Sailing Smoothly With Levy

Navigating the multifaceted world of back office operations can be daunting. Yet, Levy, with AVI's support, has seamlessly managed Commsor's back office operations for an extended period. Whether we talk about transitioning payroll providers, addressing HR queries, onboarding, offboarding, or any other business-critical process, Levy has been our go-to.

It's not uncommon for startups to experience the volatile ups and downs associated with rapid growth and employee turnover. Throughout these turbulent phases, Levy's consistency has been invaluable. Their deep understanding of both our company and global compliance requirements (given our international presence) has fortified our trust in them. I firmly believe that this trust and consistency will keep Levy as our partner for the foreseeable future.

More Than Just Time-Savers

To give a tangible example, Levy effortlessly saves us countless hours weekly, especially concerning payroll – which, at times, can be a tedious multi-hour task. On average, we've saved more than ten hours a week, thanks to their expertise.

Had Levy not stepped in, we would've been compelled to expand our team and hire additional partners, a move accompanied by its challenges, especially for a global company like ours. With varying compliance requirements and other considerations based on geography, Levy has been instrumental in saving both our time and finances.

The Value of An External Partner

In the business ecosystem, internal dynamics often bring their challenges. This is where having an external partner like Levy shines. They objectively process our needs without getting entangled in internal sentiments. The level of trust and partnership we've built, especially with ROP from Levy, is a testament to the strength of our collaboration.

A Boon for Startups and Beyond

Levy isn't just a solution for companies like Commsor. Early-stage startups, particularly those on a tight budget, can benefit immensely from their expertise. Their team of experts ensures that even if your primary contact doesn't have an immediate answer, someone in their network will. As Commsor grows and scales, we are assured in our continued partnership with Levy.

One might wonder if Levy's expertise is industry-specific. The answer is a resounding no. Regardless of the industry, most back office operations have a lot of similarities. In this arena, Levy stands tall as the undisputed expert.

Recognizing expertise is essential. Just as we outsource our finances and other specialized tasks, back office operations should be no different. Levy excels both strategically and tactically. While your internal operations team can focus on the broader company vision, you can count on Levy for tactical tasks like payroll and invoice processing.

In conclusion, Levy's expertise has been instrumental for Commsor. Their ability to streamline our back office operations, coupled with their unwavering support, ensures that we can focus on what we do best. To any company, regardless of size or industry, considering a partner for their back office operations: Levy is the answer.