Miguel Solano — Founder & CEO, VMind

VMind: CEO Miguel Solano on Levy as the Operating System for Businesses

Miguel Solano, the Founder and CEO of VMind, talks about his experience with Levy, describing it as a strategic partner that handles non-core operational tasks and provides a valuable perspective on business operations.

Offloading the Non-Core: Levy Takes Care

Solano points out that VMind has to handle various non-core tasks, such as 83b elections, payroll, and a multitude of other concerns. With Levy, VMind can offload these tasks without worry. The assurance of having Levy's strategic operational perspective on the entire business is a boon, particularly because Solano and his team are deeply immersed in their own product and its challenges.

Quick Solutions: Expertise at Hand

Solving certain issues—like those related to a company's tax ID—would be nearly impossible for VMind without Levy. In Solano's experience, Levy has managed to resolve such problems within minutes or even seconds, an efficiency VMind highly values.

Operating System for Businesses: Comprehensive Service

There's no one single service that covers all business operational needs. However, Solano likens Levy to an operating system for businesses, illustrating the comprehensive nature of the support and services Levy provides.

Time-Saving: A Significant Value

The value of Levy, according to Solano, is enormous, primarily due to the time saved. On a day when he has to handle an operational task, he might have to spend an entire morning or afternoon on it, significantly detracting from his core responsibilities like engineering. He estimates that Levy could save founders around 30-40% of the time they would otherwise spend on operational matters. With operational tasks coming up at least three to four times a week, this is a significant gain.

Trust and Integration: Part of the VMind Team

VMind trusts Levy implicitly, both with operational responsibilities and strategic decisions. Solano describes their relationship as having a bookkeeper for the entire company. Through a dedicated channel on VMind's Slack, Levy is integrated into the company's communication, literally feeling like a part of the team. The level of trust VMind has for Levy is on par with their trust in any employee.

To summarize, Solano's testimonial presents Levy as an invaluable strategic partner that handles non-core tasks, provides quick solutions, and saves significant amounts of time. The trust and integration with the VMind team further underline Levy's unique value.