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A Journey of Efficiency: Nikhil Gopalani of Basis Shares His Levy Experience

Navigating the world of startups can be as exciting as it is complex. The responsibility of managing administrative tasks alongside the core business operations often poses a significant challenge. This is precisely where Levy comes in - streamlining back-office operations for startups, so they can channel their energy into their business growth. Nikhil Gopalani, Head of Operations at Basis, offers a powerful testimonial on how Levy revolutionized their company's back-office management.

The Levy Advantage: Revolutionizing Basis's Operations

With years of experience in the startup ecosystem, investing in over 35 companies and witnessing growth from grassroots to billion-dollar valuations, Nikhil has a deep understanding of the challenges in managing administrative tasks. He emphasizes the importance of having all operations in order to avoid potential issues down the line, especially during fundraising or team expansion.

Before Levy, Nikhil and his team were constantly juggling operational tasks, ensuring everything from cap tables to legal paperwork and accounting was in order. But with Levy, the situation changed significantly. By taking over these back-office operations, we helped Basis ensure their operations were orderly, freeing Nikhil and his team to focus on their core objectives.

Delivering Impact: Saving Time and Reducing Costs

One of the most significant impacts Levy made on Basis was the drastic reduction in time spent on operational tasks. Nikhil reported a 50% time-saving, reducing his administrative work hours to just 15-20 per week.

On top of the time savings, Levy offered a cost-effective solution. Hiring someone experienced to handle these operations could cost upwards of $200,000 annually - a significant expense for most startups. In contrast, Levy offered the same service at a fraction of the cost, providing significant monetary savings to Basis.

Ensuring Security and Trust

Alongside efficiency, Levy also provided a sense of security for Basis. With so many tasks, timelines, and calendars to keep track of, it was reassuring for Nikhil to know that Levy was handling these duties. He could rest easy, confident that nothing was being overlooked. This trust wasn't just about the integrity of the work but also about timely execution.

The experience of Basis with Levy underscores our commitment to serving startups. By taking care of back-office operations, we allow you to focus on what truly matters - growing your business. Whether it's time, cost, or peace of mind, we are here to help startups like Basis succeed. Our partnership with Basis is just one example of the impact we can make. As we continue our journey, we look forward to supporting more startups on their path to success.