Parm Gill — Co-Founder, Banting

Banting: Co-Founder Parm Gill Finds Strategic Space and Trust in Levy

Parm Gill, the co-founder of Banting, shares his perspective on the value Levy brings to their operations and his view of operations more generally. He articulates Levy's role in freeing up time for strategic tasks and the trust built through Levy's thoughtful automation and support.

Strategic Focus: The Levy Advantage

Gill emphasizes the importance of maintaining a mental space for strategic thought, where distractions related to operational tasks can hinder a company's progression. By leveraging Levy, Banting hands off tasks that, while necessary, do not move the strategic needle. This shift is incredibly valuable, allowing Gill to focus more on the critical business tasks at hand.

Levy and Operations: A Coherent Partnership

Operations, in Gill's view, encompasses all regulatory aspects that a company must handle, such as filings and payroll, but aren't strategic. Gill, having worked in Ops for five years, was always searching for ways to automate workflows, but he couldn't entirely solve the problem alone. It was a time-consuming endeavor, requiring about four hours of his week. With Levy, he can now focus on tasks worth hundreds of dollars per hour and keep those in-house.

The "CEO" Aspect: Levy's Thoughtfulness

Gill amusingly acknowledges that he feels Levy acts much like a CEO for their startup. It thinks strategically for them, like suggesting moving their address or handling other important decisions. Gill appreciates this feature of Levy because it shows that it's truly looking out for them. These small, thoughtful details build trust and give him confidence that Levy is genuinely part of their team.

In conclusion, Parm Gill's testimonial showcases how Levy plays a crucial role in automating operational tasks for Banting. It frees up time for strategic decisions, offers thoughtful solutions, and instills a sense of trust, cementing itself as an integral part of the Banting team.