Renee Fry — Founder & CEO, Gentreo

Harnessing Efficiency: A Testimonial from Renee Fry, Founder and CEO of Gentreo

Launching a startup is a thrilling yet challenging journey. Navigating the myriad back-office tasks, from banking operations to bill payments, can often become overwhelming. However, Levy has been specifically designed to alleviate these challenges. Don't just take our word for it; listen to Renee Fry, Founder and CEO at Gentreo, who shares how Levy transformed her company's back-office operations, enabling her to focus more on business growth.

The Levy Advantage: Shaping Gentreo's Success

Before encountering Levy, Renee and her team at Gentreo found themselves neck-deep in administrative tasks. Valuable hours that could have been dedicated to the growth and development of their core business were instead consumed by these operational responsibilities. Outsourcing these tasks to expensive accountants or bill services was beyond their budget, and the alternative meant sacrificing their own time and peace of mind.

The entry of Levy into their business ecosystem brought about a significant change. Offering an efficient and affordable back-office solution, we empowered Gentreo to effectively redirect their resources and attention towards their core business and customer acquisition.

Tangible Impact: Saving Time and Maximizing Productivity

The impact was tangible and immediate. By outsourcing their back-office operations to Levy, Gentreo was able to save around 20 to 30 hours per month. Furthermore, the executive time saved was even more significant, amounting to about 50 to 60 hours monthly. In the dynamic world of startups where every hour can make a difference, this was indeed a game-changing improvement.

A Partnership of Trust

Beyond the time and productivity benefits, Levy also provided a sense of security for Gentreo. Our proactive team would flag potential issues early on, allowing them to address them promptly. They could rely on us to answer their questions and solve any operational problems. This trust and assurance have allowed Renee and her team to concentrate on their business without worrying about back-office operations.

In Renee's words, Levy has been instrumental in helping Gentreo save not just time, but also avoid the heartaches and headaches often associated with managing back-office tasks. Our services have provided them with the assurance that all the boxes are checked and they can count on us to flag any issues.

We are more than just a service provider; we are a partner committed to our clients' success. Levy's partnership with Gentreo showcases our mission - to handle your back-office operations so that you can focus on what truly matters - growing your startup. By transforming Gentreo's back-office operations into a smooth and streamlined process, we have helped them unleash their full potential. As we move forward, we are excited about empowering more startups like Gentreo on their path to success.