Rob Paddock — Founder & CEO, Ahead Wind

Ahead Wind: CEO Rob Paddick on Levy as the Essential Back Office Partner

Rob Paddick, Co-founder and CEO of Ahead wind, a startup working to make 3D printing a push-button process, shares his experience of working with Levy, emphasizing its organizational capabilities, time-saving value, and personalized approach to service.

Taming the Back-Office Beast: Delegate and Organize

As a founder, Paddick acknowledges the multitude of responsibilities he shoulders and the fires he has to put out. The last thing he wants to allocate his time to is back-office tasks, and this is where Levy shines. Levy offloads the back-office burden, organizing everything so that Paddick doesn't have to be the point person for those tasks.

Personalized Service with a Platform Approach: High-Touch Help Meets Software Solution

Comparing Levy to two other solutions, the names of which he forgets, Paddick emphasizes Levy's standout attributes. Levy offers personalized, high-touch assistance alongside a software platform that helps manage all back-office tasks, building a data room, and maintaining organization with minimal lift from Paddick.

Time-Saving Partner: Reclaim Valuable Hours

With Levy, Paddick saves two to three hours a week—a number he anticipates will grow as Ahead wind continues to fundraise and hire. He imagines the time saved could double or triple, underlining Levy's invaluable role as a time-saving partner.

Coalescing the Chaos: One-Stop for Order

With the multiplicity of tasks and potential crises a founder faces, Levy's ability to bring everything together into one manageable platform stands out. By curating all tasks into one place, Levy makes the process more digestible, freeing Paddick from running around checking independent back-office softwares.

Irreplaceable Support: Back-Office Pain Reliever

In the absence of Levy, Paddick can only imagine the increased pain of handling back-office tasks. He fears alternatives would be more manual and potentially more costly. With a 10 out of 10 recommendation, he appreciates Levy's ability to grow with Ahead wind and their flexibility to fit with the startup's fundraising or hiring process. The responsive and helpful Levy team is a crucial part of this positive experience.

Fundraising Catalyst: Clean Operations for Investor Appeal

Paddick highlights that in preparation for a fundraise, back-office tasks, though often deemed mundane, need to be extremely clean for top investors. This was a key reason why Ahead wind onboarded with Levy. Paddick recommends Levy, especially to startups preparing to present to VC's, affirming the value of a neat and organized back office.

In summary, Paddick's testimonial underscores the indispensable role Levy plays as a time-saving, organizational, and supportive partner for Ahead wind, easing the back-office burden and enabling Paddick to focus on what truly matters—product development and sales.