Ryan Delk — Co-Founder & CEO, Primer

Primer: Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Delk Bridges Operational Gaps with Levy

Ryan Delk, Co-Founder and CEO of Primer, a company building a new education system for the next generation of kids, testifies to the invaluable role Levy plays in their operations. He highlights the wide range of tasks Levy manages, allowing his team to focus on more complex problems.

Levy: The Part-Time COO

Asking what pain Levy doesn't solve, Ryan outlines the wide array of tasks that the company handles for Primer, from setting up tax relationships when hiring employees in different states to interfacing with their CPA, handling accounts, and managing the legal side of onboarding employees. Describing Levy as a part-time COO, Ryan explains how Levy takes on tasks that used to consume a considerable portion of their week, enabling him and his co-founder to focus on bigger issues.

From Late Nights to Leveraging Expertise

Recalling late nights spent working on taxes and handling administrative tasks, Ryan admits to the typical founder mindset of doing everything yourself. However, he quickly realized how inefficient this was, given the multitude of other complex problems they needed to address. Instead of persevering with this approach, they decided to bring in a partner in Levy. Ryan underscores the value of tapping into Levy's expertise, gained from performing these tasks thousands of times, leading to faster and better results.

Filling the White Space Between Platforms

Ryan acknowledges that managing operations has become much easier than it was 20 years ago, thanks to platforms like Rippling, Gusto, and Carta. However, these platforms have limits to their competencies and legal boundaries, creating a gap, a 'white space', that Levy fills perfectly. Despite these platforms' benefits, they lack an overarching operating system that ties them all together seamlessly, a role that Levy takes on.

In summary, Ryan Delk's experience at Primer illustrates how Levy serves as a crucial ally for startup founders, freeing them from time-consuming operational tasks and bridging the gap between existing platforms. As Ryan says, it's a no-brainer to leverage Levy's expertise to handle the tasks they've done a thousand times, giving founders more time and energy to focus on the harder problems only they can solve.