Sam Matthew - Head of Legal at On Deck

On Deck: Head of Legal Sam Matthew on Levy as an Admin Solution

Sam Matthew, Head of Legal at On Deck, speaks about his experience with Levy, emphasizing their role in handling burdensome administrative tasks and ensuring the smooth functioning of essential processes.

Administrative Solutions: Alleviating the Stress

Matthew highlights the burdens of administrative tasks, especially for a fully remote, distributed company like On Deck. Levy helps manage these tasks, giving Matthew and his team peace of mind. The knowledge that Levy has their back on these matters ensures a better night's sleep.

Backup for Essential Roles: Reliability and Consistency

In a thinly-staffed team where one person often handles a process crucial to the company's functioning, there is a concern about what happens if that person is unavailable. Levy provides an excellent backup plan, ensuring that essential functions continue unhindered.

Saving Resources: Reducing the Need for More Hires

Matthew notes that Levy's assistance has mitigated the need for hiring for certain roles. He estimates that two to two and a half roles they thought they'd have to fill might not need to be replaced or can be replaced with part-time work, thanks to Levy's support in those areas.

Financial and Time Savings: Significant Returns

Levy's services are saving On Deck over $100,000 and valuable time. While it's challenging to quantify the exact weekly hours saved, Matthew compares the effect to having another full-time team member, possibly even more.

Swift Understanding: Quick Onboarding and Efficient Execution

Impressed by Levy's quick understanding and implementation of tasks, Matthew remarks that it barely takes any time to get them up to speed. They comprehend processes fast, requiring only an understanding of On Deck's specific way of doing things.

Ongoing Management: Ensuring Compliance

Levy handles continuous registration requirements, franchise taxes, and filing to do business in various states, all of which could be burdensome if not done correctly and on time. Levy allows On Deck to focus on their priorities while it takes care of these internal operations.

Avoiding Operational Debt: Essential to Scaling

Drawing an analogy with legal debt, Matthew stresses the importance of having internal operations like Levy in place early. Without such routines, companies risk accumulating operational debt that can be problematic in the long run.

Economies of Scale: Valuable as You Grow

Lastly, Matthew sees Levy as a value provider for companies up to a certain size, suggesting that those with less than 500 employees could derive significant benefits from Levy.

In summary, Sam Matthew's testimonial emphasizes Levy's significant role in handling administrative tasks, providing backup for essential roles, saving resources, enabling swift understanding of tasks, managing ongoing regulatory requirements, and helping avoid operational debt. This comprehensive range of services positions Levy as a crucial asset for startups and growing businesses.