Tim Enger — Head of Operations, Bounce

Bounce: Head of Operations Tim Anger on the Operational Powerhouse that is Levy

Tim Anger, Head of Operations at Bounce, the world's leading luggage storage provider, talks about the instrumental role Levy plays in managing their operations. Anger highlights Levy's comprehensive support across all operational tasks, its efficiency, and the significant time and cost savings it brings to the table.

Comprehensive Operations: The One-Stop Solution

For a high-growth startup like Bounce, a range of operations need to be taken care of, from compliance and payroll to light legal issues and finance. Anger notes that Levy handles all these tasks efficiently, letting the Bounce team focus on growing and building the company.

Substantial Cost and Time Savings: Doing More with Less

Anger states that without Levy, Bounce would have to hire a whole operational team to handle the jobs Levy takes care of. If translated into full-time employees, Levy's services equate to the work of 2-3 individuals. This means Levy saves Bounce around 120 hours per week, a significant amount of time that can be channeled into core business activities.

A Valued Extension: Not Just Outsourcing, but Partnering

Unlike traditional outsourcing, Levy is considered an integral part of the Bounce team. They care about the work they do as much as any Bounce employee would, showing a level of dedication that Anger appreciates. This partnership has allowed Bounce to trust Levy with many of its crucial operations.

Recovering from a Levy-less Scenario: A Daunting Task

Anger paints a grim picture of what would happen if Levy were to disappear – they would have to hire several people, rebuild processes, and face a period of massive inefficiencies to compensate for the operational support Levy provides.

Guiding Rapid Scaling: The Operational Backbone

Drawing from his experience at Microsoft and other organizations, Anger emphasizes the importance of a robust operational structure in scaling up a company. Levy's services provide this structure, enabling companies to grow faster than they would otherwise be able to.

A Must-Have for All: The Universal Appeal

Anger believes that every company could benefit from Levy's services, from financial and HR support to legal labor compliance and vendor management. Having these tasks taken care of by Levy allows entrepreneurs and founders to focus their efforts on growth, which is the most critical aspect of a startup.

The Emotional Connection: A Partner that Cares

Anger emphasizes that what sets Levy apart is their level of care for their clients. They treat Bounce as if they have a stake in it, creating a sense of partnership that is hard to find with outsourced solutions.

In summary, Anger's testimonial paints Levy as a critical partner for Bounce, providing comprehensive operational support, cost and time savings, and a level of care and dedication that is hard to find in other services. This operational powerhouse has become a non-negotiable part of Bounce's growth strategy, offering unrivaled value and partnership.