Tim Schwartz, CEO @ Sherlock Retirement

Sherlock: Founder & CEO Tim Schwartz Streamlines Back-Office Operations with Levy

Tim Schwartz, the founder and CEO of Sherlock, highlights Levy's impact in streamlining back-office operations. Sherlock is building the simplest way for families to navigate life after 60, and Levy helps keep their operations running smoothly, freeing up Tim to focus on core business functions.

Problem-Solving Across All Business Phases

Tim identifies three key areas where Levy solves problems. Firstly, as a founder, you often don't know what you need to set up, which software to use, or which vendors to choose. Levy eliminates the pain of figuring this out, bringing proven best practices across their portfolio of startups. Secondly, as a company scales, unfamiliar challenges can pop up, and having an expert from Levy, someone who has dealt with these issues before, is invaluable. Lastly, Levy helps streamline processes, evolving with the company and continually bringing best practices, regardless of whether the company is in its formation stage or in hyper-growth.

Minimizing Effort, Maximizing Output

Before Levy, Tim had to find and train an office manager, carry out quality checks on tasks, and do the research himself. Levy takes care of all these tasks, handling them efficiently from the start and requiring minimal effort from the founder. This allows Tim to focus on engaging with customers, selling, and product development – tasks critical for a startup's success.

Saving Time and Reducing Stress

On average, Tim says that Levy saves him about five hours a week, but what's even more important is the relief from stress and background energy consumption. Knowing that he can delegate tasks to Levy gives him peace of mind and allows him to concentrate on what he does best.

The Essential Partner for Any Startup

Tim strongly recommends Levy to first-time founders and anyone starting a company, emphasizing how Levy removes the constant back-office work allowing founders to focus on key business drivers. With the thought of Levy disappearing causing him anxiety, Tim expresses his appreciation for Levy's operational partners and how they feel like an extension of his team, trained and equipped to support his company's success.

Suitable for Any Startup

In conclusion, Tim believes that regardless of a startup's nature, whether it's making drugs, building an insurance company, or developing a new SaaS tool, the back-office operations challenges remain the same, and Levy is equipped to solve those. This testifies to our mission at Levy – to enable innovators to focus on what they do best while we handle the rest.