Back-office Ops

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Question 1

Do you know how to calculate, withhold, and pay employee payroll taxes ?

Question 2

Are you well-versed in federal and U.S. state labor laws ?

See your friendly neighbourhood barista

Find your nearest Starbucks.
Question 3

Can you effectively negotiate and manage contracts with vendors and suppliers?

Question 4

Are you comfortable with handling the complexities of equity management like stock options, vesting schedules etc ?

Moka Pot!

Italian much?
Question 5

Do you understand the intricacies of benefits administration including health insurance & retirement plans ?

Question 6

Are you comfortable dealing with‍workers' compensation claims ?


Yea, wtf is this?

French Press

Note: Don't press a French

Clever Dipper

What's so cleaver about this?

Flat White

The flat white was birthed in Australia in the 1980s.
*New Zealand may disagree*
Question 7

Are you informed on the compliance requirements for your specific industry?

Question 8

Are you familiar with proper  invoice and billing process ?


PSA: Wipe your mouth after each sip

Gale...? Is that you?

Do not open your front door!
Question 9

Do you have a plan to handle potential legal disputes (employee, commercial, etc.)?

Siphon Coffee

Such a drama queen!


Much fancy, many caffeine.
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