Maximize Efficiency & Minimize Costs by Outsourcing Operations!

Time is Money: Your competitors use levy to get those hours back and zoom ahead.
levy expertly owns:

  • HR: Contracts | NDAs | I-9 Verifications & more...
  • Compliance: Manage Tax Filing | State Registrations | Labor Compliance & more...
  • Finance: Contractor Payments | Reimbursements | W-9 Collection & more...
  • Equity: Cap Table Management | Investor Audits | Stock Purchase Payments & more...
Maximize Efficiency Now!

Founders can breathe easy with levy managing your back-office.
More than peace of mind — it enables exponential growth.

Levy unlocks an extra 10 hours weekly for busy founders
Invest in your business, not repeatable ops tasks!

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We’re not just saving time, we’re also moving faster than we could previously, and the ROI on that for us is incalculable.

Ben Wunderman
CEO @ Packsmith
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The consistency and high level of trust we have with levy will continue to make them a partner for us in the long-term.

Kim Hackmann
Head of Ops @ Commsor
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I'm a first-time founder who is growing and changing fast, and evolving quickly, anyone else in my stage SHOULD be using a solution like levy.

Chelsie Hall
CEO @ ViralMoment
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I'm a scientist, I couldn't tell you the first thing about Operations, that's where Levy comes in, you have an expert who knows how to do all these operational tasks correctly.

Robert DiFazio
CEO @ Parallel Bio
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I can re-invest all that extra time Levy gives me back into sales, product development, and sleep.

Oliver Keh
CEO @ Gleam
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What our clients say

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Ever imagined having all the cheat-codes to
running your startup hassle-free?

We have imagined that world, and made it a reality.

Startup Best Practices

With years of valuable experience in running startups, levy has compiled all the best practices in running a startup you can't find on google.
Our adherence to industry standards and continuous learning approach draw the line between startups that thrive and those that merely survive.

Proprietary Checklists

Levy's exhaustive checklists, proven through successful implementations, ensure precision in every back-office operation – from onboarding to state compliance and everything in between. Count on us to remember, so you can focus on innovation.

Standard Operating Procedures

Our regimen of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) has been meticulously curated over time to handle all back-office tasks correctly and efficiently, bringing standardization to your operations while retaining your startup's unique flavor.

Why you should trust levy?

Time: Your precious resource

Levy recovers 10 hours+ a week from founder-run back-office operations, enabling leaders to focus on product and growth. That's an extra 3 months a year you can focus and win.

Dollars, Dollars, Dollars

Hiring internally is costly. Recruiting, hiring, managing is difficult. Levy averages 80% lower cost yet we're always "on" even if a teammate is on vacation or quits.

Avoid Costly Errors

Levy ensures your operations and filings are done right, preventing possible costly mistakes and extra expenses in the future. We're better than google.

Levy isn’t just a service; it’s a partnership.

Your Dedicated Ops Partner

Think of them as your outsourced COO or Chief of Staff. Available via Slack, email, or video call, they don't watch the clock; they watch over your success. Levy succeeds when your company succeeds.

Investor Ready Efficiency

In just 30 days, we’ll streamline your processes, polish your compliance, and set you up to be default-investable. When investors peek behind the curtain, they’ll find nothing but order.

Cost-free Vendor Switch

Transitioning to new vendors can often incur unexpected costs. Levy seamlessly handles vendor switches without passing on any charges to you.

48-Hour Special: Free Back-Office Consultation

Just for dropping by, we’re offering an opportunity to book a free, no-obligation consultation call.
Book My Free Call
Just for dropping by, we’re offering an opportunity to book a free, no-obligation consultation call.
Book My Free Consultation
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Venture Capital Networks

Hear from our customers

It's great to have levy for you to do the things you care about while they take care of the internal ops.

Sam Matthew - Head of Legal at On Deck

It’s the best money that we spend every month. Levy is a cheat code that other startups should 100% implement.

Abhi Vyas — Founder & CEO, Mem Protocol

[Our OP] is the lifeblood of our business…it would be very painful if he was not with us on a daily basis.

Ari Litan, Chief Operating Officer @ Layer Zero Labs

"[Our OP] is the lifeblood of our business…it would be very painful if he was not with us on a daily basis.”

Ari Litan, Chief Operating Officer @ Layer Zero Labs

"Since we started working [with levy], I have not thought about the back-office."

Mohamed Elgendy, CEO
@ Kolena

"If I were starting a new company, I’d tell every founder to use levy"

Tim Schwartz, CEO
@ Sherlock Retirement

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Maximize your ROI, Drive Savings &
Reclaim Your Time

Power your growth by outsourcing operations
to experts who know what they are doing

50% or more
Annual Savings

By eliminating the need for expensive in-house solutions, you not only save on financial resources but also time-consuming recruitment and management tasks.

Average ROI

The simple shift of operations to experts allows you to invest your time & money more strategically in areas that boost your financial returns, exponentially.

3 months
Extra Focus

As a founder, you can refocus this time on strategic decision-making, innovation, and growth - the main elements that make a successful and future-ready business.

Check off your worries with levy

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Proprietary Checklists
Stress & Headache Free
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Founders wasting time on back-office work increases failure rate.