Tired of juggling boring operations after hours?

Everyday tasks can drag your startup down.

Let levy streamline your back office so that you can shine the spotlight on growth and innovation.

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Stop running from your time-consuming back-office tasks.


Average ROI

Achieved by our Expert Ops Partners

8-10 Hours

Reclaimed weekly

To be re-invested in growing your business


Cost Savings

Cheaper & better than your alternatives

The best founder CEOs use levy

Crafted for Startups, Designed for Winners

Embrace the power of focus with levy

HR Excellence

Wave goodbye to HR headaches.
From onboarding to offboarding, we’re your dedicated HR wing.

Send out offers & CIIAs.

I-9 Employee Verification.

Terminate Employee in Payroll, Cap Table, Corporate Card & Labor Compliance.

Recommend policies, tools, and vendors for hiring, PTO, compensation, and conduct.

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Finance Operations

We keep your cash flow healthy and vendors happy.
From contractor payments to expense management, we ensure your finances are flowing smoothly.

Pay contractors.

Process Reimbursements.

Respond to bookkeeper or accountant questions on expenses.

Collect W-9s from contractors.


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Compliance Control

Navigate the labyrinth of legal compliance with ease.
We handle filings, insurance, and more, so your company remains compliant. We handle the back-end so you can focus on the front-end.

Audit list of legal & compliance documents, flag the need for any that are missing or need to be updated.

Get quotes, make recommendations, and run renewals on business insurance.

Manage filing of taxes and registration with state and local agencies for sales/excise tax, and labor compliance.

Set up and manage Workers’ Compensation, state-mandated disability, and paid family leave insurance.

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LEgal & Equity

Equity Management

Maximize your equity without the cost. From audits to board approvals, we manage your equity without draining your wallet.

Enter draft of equity grant in Carta or Pulley (lawyers doing this for you is a waste of cash).

Make cap table updates in Carta or Pulley after board consent & legal review.

Send reminders for 83(b) and stock purchase payment.

Investor quarterly & annual audits.


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Join the elite league of startups.
Levy turns operational chaos into a symphony of efficiency.

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We’re not just saving time, we’re also moving faster than we could previously, and the ROI on that for us is incalculable.

Ben Wunderman
CEO @ Packsmith
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The consistency and high level of trust we have with levy will continue to make them a partner for us in the long-term.

Kim Hackmann
Head of Ops @ Commsor
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I'm a first-time founder who is growing and changing fast, and evolving quickly, anyone else in my stage SHOULD be using a solution like levy.

Chelsie Hall
CEO @ ViralMoment
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I'm a scientist, I couldn't tell you the first thing about Operations, that's where Levy comes in, you have an expert who knows how to do all these operational tasks correctly.

Robert DiFazio
CEO @ Parallel Bio
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I can re-invest all that extra time Levy gives me back into sales, product development, and sleep.

Oliver Keh
CEO @ Gleam
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What our clients say

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Take the First Step

Levy isn’t just a service; it’s a partnership.

Your Dedicated Ops Partner

Think of them as your outsourced COO or Chief of Staff. Available via Slack, email, or video call, they don't watch the clock; they watch over your success. Levy succeeds when your company succeeds.

Investor Ready Efficiency

In just 30 days, we’ll streamline your processes, polish your compliance, and set you up to be default-investable. When investors peek behind the curtain, they’ll find nothing but order.

Avoid Costly Errors

Levy ensures your operations and filings are done right, preventing possible costly mistakes and extra expenses in the future. We're better than google.

Join the Ranks of Satisfied Founders

With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 73, our customer love is off the charts:

"Levy is 100% the answer. They do fantastic work and come with a team of experts."

Kim Hackmann

Head of Operations @ Commsor

"I forward a lot of my emails to my OP everyday and he just handles it or tells me how to handle it, and that's been so great!

Dereck Paul, MD

Founder & CEO @ Glass Health

"There's a lot of tedious operational work that I either don't know about or don't want to do and that's taken off of my plate and I don't have to think about it."

Nick Mungia

Chief of Staff @ OnCyber

"In a hyper growth startup company, you’ve got a number of different operations, items and things you’ve got to take care of. Levy covers everything! They do ALL of it! And it been amazing. They deal with compliance, they deal with payroll, they deal with some of the light legal issues, some of the finances and account receivables. They [Levy] does all the jobs we don’t want to do so we can grow and build our company faster"

Tim Enger

Head of Operations @ Bounce

"It’s the best money that we spend every month. Levy is a cheat code that other startups should 100% implement. "

Abhi Vyas

Founder & CEO @ Mem Protocol

"It's great to have levy for you to do the things you care about while they take care of the internal ops."

Sam Matthew

Head of Legal @ On Deck

If I didn't have support from levy, I wouldn’t be able to do anything else, other than what I’m doing now.
Saves me a good 50-60% of my time"

Glenda Gataleta

Global People Ops @ Commsor

"Since we started working [with levy], I have not thought about the back-office."

Mohamed Elgendy

CEO @ Kolena

"[Our OP] is the lifeblood of our business…it would be very painful if he was not with us on a daily basis. "

Ari Litan

COO @ Layer Zero Labs

"Ever since we've been outsourcing things [to levy], we've been saving lots of time & lots of heartaches and headaches.

Renee Fry

Founder & CEO @ Gentreo

"The number of hours we're saving is expanding and increasing week over week."

David Greenbaum

Founder & CEO @ OnPlan

"Mauris consectetur erat sit amet massa elementum posuere. Aliquam at porta nunc."

Alexandra Ultra

Founder of Ngma

"Getting a lot of work off of your plate as a Founder I think both from the time perspective as well as just the peace of mind perspective has been very well worth the cost for me"

Avi Press

Founder & CEO @ Scarf

"I didn’t set out to do payroll or meet compliance things, actually I know very little about those things. That’s why I wanted to use levy.
I don’t have to think about any of the things that it takes to run the back-office for a company. I still don’t know how to run the back-office operations and I would like it to stay that way.
If i spend time learning those things, there’s less time for me to spend talking to customers and building the product"

Oliver Keh

CEO @ Gleam Care

"You won’t be able to find anyone out there that can provide the same level of professionalism."

David Connors

CEO @ The Swarm

Wall of love

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