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How To Start An LLC In Arkansas

Key Takeaways

  • Comply with Arkansas LLC filing requirements to form an LLC in the state, which include: filing Articles of Organization with the Arkansas Secretary of State; selecting and reserving a business name; appointing a registered agent; and creating an operating agreement. 
  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of forming an LLC in Arkansas. These include limited liability protection, tax flexibility, and fewer required formalities compared to other business structures. 
  • Know the costs associated with forming an Arkansas LLC. These include filing fees, publication costs, and other administrative fees. 
  • Familiarize yourself with Arkansas LLC regulations and statutes. This includes understanding the rules related to ownership, management, taxation, and other requirements. 
  • Stay compliant with Arkansas LLC requirements by filing an annual report and paying any applicable taxes. Additionally, consider obtaining a business license or permit depending on the nature of your business.

LLC is an acronym for the term Limited Liability Company, and the company is also known as a limited company by many. Many small business owners are after starting an LLC-type venture because of some of the benefits it offers. The LLCs in Arkansas protect their owners from limited liability, certain tax advantages, and a vast range of management options. 

If you, too, are planning to start an LLC in Arkansas, there are certain steps you need to undertake, and keep some specific things in mind. Today's article will help readers take their LLC project off the ground easily in Arkansas. The structure of an LLC is not complicated and separates owners' personal assets from business debts. 

Without further ado, let us now get started with the steps to help you start your LLC in the state. 

Considerations Before The Formation Of An LLC

The entire process of starting an LLC can be divided into two parts. A few considerations and decisions are to be made before the start of the LLC to make sure yours stand out from the rest. 

The Name Of Your LLC

It will be a complete waste of time and energy if you find out that the paperwork for your LLC registration was rejected only because the name you opted for wasn't available. You can check out the availability of a certain name as an LLC in the state from the official website of the Secretary Of State. After finding a certain name, you can file the Application for Reservation of a Limited Liability Company or Form RN-06. 

The process can be completed online as well by submitting Form LLC-05 in addition to downloading the PDF. A certain price must be paid to confirm your registration, and the amount varies based on your chosen code. When starting an LLC in Arkansas, you can hold a business name for up to 120 days. The name should either contain an appropriate abbreviation or the word LLC. 

Hire A Registered Agent

When starting an LLC in Arkansas, the registered will receive all mail for an LLC, including all important court, state, and tax-related documents. The best part about Arkansas LLC is that the owner can also act as an agent if you satisfy certain criteria. The criteria are that the owner should be above 18 years of age and have a street address within the state. Regular business hours should also be kept to be an agent. 

Suppose any of the criteria mentioned above is not possible. In that case, you can hire an individual or an agency that would act as a registered agent on behalf of your business. They will charge you for all the professional services, and their rate varies based on the services and the experience. You can also update the details of your registered agent provided if, in the future, you would like to change the registered agent. Just file Form DO-03 to make all the necessary modifications at no extra charge. 

Pay Attention To All Changes In The LLC Law 

When starting an LLC, you must be mindful of all the recent amendments in the law. Arkansas has multiple laws, and the state has also overhauled many laws related to forming an LLC and its operation. Previously the Small Business Entity Tax Pass-Through Act was used to govern all LLCs formed in the state. This changes the documents required for forming an LLC from "Articles of Organization" to "Certificate of Organization." 

In addition, even if the operating agreement is still recommended as one of the documents, it is no longer a mandatory requirement. 

Filing All Arkansas LLC Papers Properly

Proper paperwork for forming an LLC in Arkansas is mandatory, without which the registration request gets rejected. When ready for the process, submit the Certificate of Organization for your Limited Liability Company through Form LL-01. You can either submit it online or by downloading the PDF, filling it out manually, and then submitting it in person. 

The form includes a range of information, like the Arkansas Corporate Franchise Taxes registration. All businesses formed for profit must pay this tax in the state. Again, the cost of filing the paperwork for LLC varies for online and offline modes. If you are a foreign entity, instead of filing the Certificate of Organization, fill up form FL-01 to register as a Foreign Limited Liability Company. 

Registration of a foreign LLC can be done either through the Secretary of State's Website or by downloading the paperwork offline. 

Getting Started With An LLC In Arkansas

Until now, the immediate process of starting an LLC in Arkansas is complete. The formation and the aftermath are still left. If you want your company to stand well in Arkansas, you need to consider some additional steps. After establishing our business, a few essential steps will be carried out. We list them below. 

Obtain EIN (Employer Identification Number) 

The EIN is sometimes also known as the Federal Employer Identification Number or the Federal Tax Identification Number, which is required for most businesses that operate anywhere in the world. If you are starting a single-member LLC, instead of obtaining an EIN, you can obtain the Social Security Number. The number can be obtained quickly and for free on the IRS website. 

Payment Of LLC Franchise Taxes

The Arkansas Corporate Franchise Tax Act of 1979 states that every LLC operating in the state should pay an annual franchise tax. Furthermore, it is critical to pay the taxes duly to avoid any repercussions. Suppose any business fails to pay taxes on or before time. In that case, they will be liable to pay penalties and late fees and may also get the operation license operating within Arkansas revoked. The annual fees to be paid by all businesses in Arkansas is fixed, irrespective of if the registration was done online or through paper documents. 

An LLC Operating Agreement

Until recent updates in the LLC law, every LLC operating in Arkansas was required to have an operating agreement. The agreement is a document used to define a business's operation from the beginning. The document also includes a variety of details about the financial obligations and also the member roles. The same document is not a legal obligation for the LLCs that operate in Arkansas. 

It is one of the great ways to showcase sincere long-term intentions for the business. In addition, the agreement also provides a sense of legitimacy to the business and the agreed-upon guidelines for both owners and members.

Opening A Bank Account For The LLC

The next step after forming an LLC is to get a bank account opened in the name of your venture to differentiate it from personal finances. The LLC-type venture has limited liability protection because the entity is completely distinct. An LLC is, as mentioned, separate from its members, so a separate bank account is required to maintain the income and expenditure. 

Alternatively, if you choose to keep the money of your LLC in your bank account, the court will not be able to identify it as a separate entity. This may lead you to be responsible personally for all your debts. Following are the mandatory fee documents you will need when you open a bank account. 

i. A copy of the certificate of organization of your LLC. 

ii. The operating agreement of your LLC. 

iii. The EIN of your venture.

iv. The resolution of the LLC that you want to get a bank account opened; this document is only required when the LLC has more than one member. 

Funding The LLC

It will not go very far if you do not fund your business venture. For its smooth operations and to make sure it keeps running, you will have to keep funding it. Each member of the LLC has to make an initial investment in the form of payment for a membership interest. Often the members also write cheques for the LLC bank account to make the payment. 

Alternatively, the members can also pay for services or property. However, it would help if you were informed that the contribution of property or services might trigger tax events. To inform you about membership, interest refers to the percentage that every member of the LLC owns in the company. It can also be proportional to the amount each LLC member invests in the business. 

Identify Business Insurance Options

When starting a business, purchasing insurance for it will help you manage risks to a great extent. You will also be free to focus on other pressing matters that require your attention and consideration. That said, you will be able to work on growing your business. In Arkansas, two major business insurance options are available. 

One is General Liability Insurance, and the other is Workers' Compensation Insurance. The Workers' compensation covers all illnesses and injuries employees may incur while on the job. General Liability Insurance is a broader policy that covers all legal judgments and costs, along with some financial losses. 

Comprehend Financial Considerations

Besides investing in insurance, there are a few other investments that you will have to make for the LLC to get it off the ground. Such expenses may include the following:

  • Paying rent for a physical store location.
  • Buying a personal space.
  • Purchasing the required machinery or equipment.
  • Getting a professional website designed.
  • Obtaining a license.
  • Other expenses.

Besides hiring employees, you will need several other professionals to work with you, like accountants, lawyers, etc. 

Market The Right Way

To let more and more people know about your new business so that they engage and make a purchase, you will need a strong marketing strategy in place. Starting an LLC is only phase 1; after starting it, you will have to market your business to make it stand out in a competitive space. A solid marketing plan includes different elements from different spheres so that all of the aspects are covered.

You will need prints, media, or TV ads to reach the masses. If you need to be better-versed in advertising, you can hire a marketing agency to do the job for you. To market your business in the digital space, you must research the required details about your target consumers. To devise the best marketing strategy for your LLC, you will have to conduct a few surveys to find the required answers. 

Social media presence is another critical requirement for every business. Work on establishing a great social media presence for your brand on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Final Thoughts

When planning to start a business, there are various options for business types to choose from. People are still after the LLC type because of the benefits it offers. However, the business type also depends on the goals and needs of the business owners. Arkansas is one of the best choices since the state boasts a friendly climate for business, with several startup grant programs and an array of incentives offered by the government. 


Is starting and maintaining an LLC in Arkansas costly? 

No, starting and maintaining an LLC in Arkansas is not much costly, and there are a few minimum expenses that you will have to incur regularly for the operations. Besides the fixed expenses, there are several other variable expenses that a business has to incur based on specific needs. 

Is hiring a registered agent mandatory for Arkansas LLC? 

Yes, hiring a registered agent is mandatory to receive legal correspondence. The agent must fulfill all required criteria to act as one on behalf of your business. 

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