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How to Start An LLC In Oklahoma

Key Takeaways

- In the United States, companies are owned, operated, and protected by legal entities called LLCs. Even though they could be simpler to administer, LLCs provide companies with the same financial and legal safeguards.

- Taxes are automatically withheld from an LLC member's personal income.

- Forming an LLC in Oklahoma costs $100, which must be paid to the Secretary of State when the LLC's Articles of Organization are submitted.

- Most LLCs employ pass-through taxation, which means that members must report their shares of business profits and losses on their tax returns. It is a wise choice to meet with an accountant to review your situation and get advice on handling your taxes.

- As well as making sure the LLC name you select is accessible, you must appoint or create a registered agent and a physical address. After registration, remember to file a business entity report every two years.

What is an LLC?

A hybrid company structure called an LLC, or Limited Liability Company, combines the traits of a corporation with those of a partnership or a sole proprietorship. Your assets are protected since they are kept apart from those used for your business. The primary requirements for forming an LLC in Oklahoma are to submit your Certificate of Formation to the State and pay a $100 registration fee. Choosing a qualified Oklahoma LLC creation agency to set up your LLC is usually advisable.

A limited liability company (LLC), which combines the flexibility and lack of formality provided by a partnership or sole proprietorship with the limited liability of a corporation, is the legally recognized manner to start a business. Any business owner who wishes to lessen their exposure to debt and legal proceedings pertaining to their enterprise should think about forming an LLC.

As LLC owners are not personally liable for the debts or the obligations of the company, you will gain greater power and get limited liability protection by formally creating an LLC for your business. This is beneficial if your business is involved in litigation. Even though it could seem like a lot of work, forming an LLC is one of the easier business formations to accomplish, as very little paperwork is needed. The cost of forming an LLC will vary depending on the state you choose to register in; however, most levy minor costs. Below, we detail how to get an LLC in Oklahoma.

What Procedures Must Be Followed To Form An LLC In Oklahoma?

1. Choose a Name for Your LLC

Choosing a suitable name for your LLC is the first step in founding an LLC in Oklahoma. Before choosing a name for your company, remember that it must be simple to recall, readily accessible in the state, and adhere to all LLC naming regulations.

Guidelines To Name Your Oklahoma LLC

All Oklahoma LLCs must adhere to a few basic guidelines when naming their company. The following are some of the most crucial requirements:

  • Your company name must be accessible and cannot be used by another company in Oklahoma. Conduct a name Oklahoma LLC search first to ensure your name isn't already taken.
  • Any one of the following suffixes must be used in your company name: Limited Liability Company, Limited Company, L.C., LC, LLC, and L.L.C.
  • You are not allowed to provide your company with any names that are unclear or deceptive. It is not necessary to add words like "Treasury," "State Department," "FBI," or "CIA."
  • Only once the additional conditions set out by the Oklahoma State Government have been satisfied may terms like "Bank," "University," "Attorney," "Doctor," and so forth be added.

Reserving Your LLC Name for The Future

You can reserve your LLC name for 60 days if you want to wait to establish your LLC but still want to keep the name you've chosen. You must submit a name reservation application and $10 to the Oklahoma Secretary of State to reserve your name.

Registering Your Doing Business As (DBA) or Trade Name

You can register your LLC after giving it a valid name. Nevertheless, it is not required. Use a DBA, fictitious name, or trade name instead. In such a scenario, you must file an Application to Register your Trade Name in Oklahoma and pay a $25 Oklahoma LLC filing fee with the Oklahoma Secretary of State to register your name. These registered agent services are suggested for LLC creation since they are permitted to operate in Oklahoma. Some services for forming LLCs provide independent Oklahoma registered agent services. They solely offer Registered Agent services; you cannot get any additional LLC creation services from them.

2. Choose an Oklahoma Registered Agent

Selecting a Registered Agent is the second stage in forming an Oklahoma LLC. An individual or company acting or working on behalf of your LLC is a registered agent. All significant tax forms, court paperwork, lawsuit notifications, and official government correspondence in Oklahoma will be sent to this individual or company.

As a result, you must choose a capable Oklahoma Registered Agent for your LLC. Ensure that your registered agent resides in Oklahoma or is assigned a physical address. Oklahoma should be the location of their primary or business address. Most companies that incorporate LLCs also offer registered agent services.

Application for Registered Agent Consent

No separate Consent Letter must be presented to the Secretary of State in Oklahoma. The new Registered Agent must sign the consent letter when the Registered Agent (or the name or location) is changed. The Application form to Change the Registered Agent is included with it. It must be filed, and you must pay the 25$ filing fee.

3. Submit Your Articles of Organization in Oklahoma

Filing the Certificate of Formation is the third and most crucial step in creating an Oklahoma LLC. A legal document known as the Oklahoma Articles of Organization is required to register your company with the Secretary of State. Your Oklahoma formation certificate filing will cost you $100 (by mail) and $208 (online).

Details, including the LLC's name, registered agent's name and address, personnel information, and the company's organizational structure, are all included in the Certificate of Formation (member-managed or manager-managed). One should be well-versed in all rules and regulations before recruiting staff for Oklahoma LLC. Additionally, you must register as an Oklahoma Foreign LLC if extending your current firm (an LLC) to Oklahoma.

How to File Oklahoma Articles Of Organization Online?

Head to the Secretary of State Online Service, and the online service page will appear. You may begin filing your LLC without logging in and by providing your name and email address. The "Online Filing" button is located below.

How to File Oklahoma Articles Of Organization By Mail?

Download the Domestic LLC Formation Form if you would instead register your Oklahoma LLC offline. After carefully reading the form, fill it out, and mail it to the address provided:
Oklahoma Secretary of State, 421 N.W. 13th Suite 210, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

If you file an LLC application online in Oklahoma, the process takes two business days and 7 to 10 business days to receive an LLC when submitting via mail. However, you can speed things up if you pay an extra price. 

4. Make Your Operating Agreement for an Oklahoma LLC

The fourth step is to file your operating agreement. The proprietorship and operational policies of your LLC are set up in an operating agreement document. This contract is essential since it ensures that all business owners agree about how they conduct their operations, preventing potential problems in the future.

It is preferable to have an operating agreement that provides all the information about how your firm is run, even if the state of Oklahoma does not need you to have one when submitting an LLC operating agreement. Other states, like Oklahoma, do not have a requirement that operating agreements be filed. However, this paperwork will be helpful if you decide to dissolve your Oklahoma LLC. Therefore, while having an operating agreement is good, it is optional.

5. Register an EIN For Your Oklahoma LLC To The Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assigns the Employer Identification Number, often known as the E.I.N., a nine-digit number to simplify identifying the kind of firm for tax and other purposes. Any business, whether an active one or not, needs an EIN. The LLC must have an EIN before hiring any personnel. Following particular norms and regulations is necessary while hiring staff members in Oklahoma LLC.

However, if the headquarters of your LLC is located in another state, you should get an EIN for Oklahoma International LLC. A form must be filled out and submitted to the IRS (online or by mail) to receive an EIN (also known as a FEIN). Please fill out the form with your LLC information, then submit it to the provided address. Additionally, you may hire an EIN Assistant to assist you with the procedure.

Leave section 7b empty and continue to complete I.R.S. Form SS-4. To finish your application, you must call the IRS at (267) 941-1099. You can get assistance with that from agents or staff.

Key Considerations After Registering An LLC In Oklahoma

You will still require a few items after creating your LLC. Keep in mind the following:

  • Open a business bank account for your company.
  • Obtain Oklahoma business licenses and permits.
  • Purchase workers' compensation insurance as well as general and professional liability insurance.
  • Submit a biennial or annual report for your Oklahoma LLC.

To ensure your LLC is current, consider upcoming filing deadlines, filing fees, and late filing penalties.

How Much To Start an LLC in Oklahoma?

Without a doubt, forming an LLC in Oklahoma is less expensive than using another business structure. To create an Oklahoma LLC, one must pay a few fees and penalties. Pass-through taxes apply to LLCs. Therefore, you won't have a heavy tax burden thanks to your Oklahoma LLC.

An LLC name reservation is not required in Oklahoma. When you create your LLC, you may also register the name of the LLC. You may do this online if you want to keep the name for a while without registering your LLC. If your LLC is not registered, your name will be held for 60 days. $10 is required to renew it. Every year, an Annual Report must be produced in Oklahoma. The cost is $25. Additionally, the State of Oklahoma mandates that LLCs pay a 4.5% annual sales tax.

How To Create A Foreign LLC In Oklahoma?

You must submit the Certificate of Foreign LLC to the Oklahoma Secretary of State if you're interested in incorporating a foreign LLC there. You can run your firm in many states with the help of a foreign LLC. You must submit other documents to the Oklahoma SOS in addition to the Certificate of Foreign LLC to register your foreign LLC there, such as the Certificate of Good Standing.

Why Should You Start an LLC in Oklahoma?

For a start-up looking to incorporate and form an LLC, Oklahoma is fast becoming the ideal location. The state has a low labor cost and will offer the same competent workers as other states. In addition, the state provides several choices for financing businesses and a decrease in tax obligations.


LLCs are more straightforward to set up than other corporate forms. Small firms, especially start-ups, can quickly and, for a meager cost, form an LLC in Oklahoma. LLCs benefit from "pass-through taxation," which exempts them from paying some taxes. Limited liability company establishment calls for substantially fewer paperwork and formalities. 

In Oklahoma, LLCs do not "expire." However, the state will remove your LLC's good standing if 60 days have gone by without you filing an annual certificate, resulting in an "automatic dissolution" after three years.

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